The Hate Club Uses a Gaming Engine to Create a METALverse for METALheads

In the world where humanity is one step away from “living in The Matrix”, some choose to distance themselves from the inevitable and some decide to embrace it. The latter fits the aspirations of The Hate Club’s desire to explore the possibilities that a virtual domain can offer to metalheads across the globe.

To lay down the foundation The Hate Club’s choice to use a music video as the presentation of what THC’s METALverse might look like seems to be the most obvious move. There are several technologies capable of bringing the world of VR into every metalheads home, and one of them is Unreal Engine 5. A gaming engine that needs no introduction, its portfolio includes such monsters of the gaming industry as Fortnite, Street Fighter 5, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Borderlands 3 and many more.

The music video for THC’s heavy hitter “Sleepwalker” is an amalgamation of his chaotic nature and aggressive sound all wrapped with next gen stunning visuals.

The Hate Club’s ambitious vision is at the core of everything that the artist does to bring a breath of fresh air into the metal scene.