Pharmacose Releases “Smash”

Pharmacose has revealed their newest single, “Smash,” off of their newly combined LP, Prescription Fiction. Originally intended as a 2 album release that was ultimately disrupted by worldwide events in 2020, front-man and songwriter Wes Jones reapproached the focus and tone, broadening Prescription Fiction both stylistically and technically, with the result being an incredibly nuanced and introspective discussion of our modern society and cultural norms, all backed with a carefully constructed soundscape and instrumentation.

“The music for ‘Smash’ has been written for a very long time, but I just had not gotten around to recording it with Lu until a couple years ago. When I was trying to decide what to write the lyrics about, I felt that we had done a lot on mental health, so I wanted to branch out a bit. I have always been interested in what I call the ‘fun conspiracy theories,’ notably things such as UFOs, ancient aliens, the Mothman, etc. Growing up, I had a great uncle who was a brilliant aerospace engineer, and he was into all this stuff. It was really cool to see someone with such a strong science and engineering background and was into all this. So, I wanted to explore that interest some more. I came to realize that reading about those subjects made me feel very isolated, since it’s not a mainstream way of thinking. It made me a bit sad to think that. It made me wonder how many people were knowledgeable in this area but took this information to the grave because no one was interested in hearing about it. These realizations were the literal ‘smash.’ The irony is that now I feel a bit more justified due to all the information about UFOs that came out over the summer. I suppose that the sentiment this song conveys is a bit dated now with all this crazy footage being released, but I think the feelings of isolation are legitimate. I’m by no means saying that I think aliens are here and the Mothman exists, but I think we should be open to the notion that the normal person has no idea about what’s really going on,” says singer Wes Jones.