Bobby Keller joins The Guitarwrist – Maker of Bespoke Jewelry from Used/Played Guitar Strings of 300+ Artists

Bobby Keller says “When Ian Rendall from The Guitarwrist first approached me and told me about his company, their products, and everything they do, I was onboard immediately. Instead of all of the used guitar strings going to waste, they turn every string into a piece of sustainable art. Being a musician, this initiative is amazing because their jewelry brings on a whole new life to something used to create my music. And now my used guitar strings will be preserved for the rest of time and enjoyed by someone else. Another huge aspect that drew me in, was the fact that proceeds go directly to charity and I got to chose Music Cares and Roadie Relief as my two choices. Music is very important to a lot of people and this is a very tangible way of keeping it close to you.”

Recently, Bobby Keller was honored to receive this note from music fan, Kyle Chamblin, regarding the meaningful wedding ring he was able to order through The Guitarwrist. “To have my wedding band made with a string you used is incredible. I’ve followed you for a while now and it is amazing to connect that to everyday life for me. Music is how my fiancé Hope and I met and music is a huge part of our lives. It means the world to me, being we are similar in music taste and you are an incredible player and have a passion for music…to hold on to something that you have used to create music with around me for the rest of my life. Thank you man for sharing your music and being an incredible person…”

The Guitarwrist not only creates unique, collectible products but also helps reduce waste through the recycling of thousands of used strings. The profits from the jewelry goes to the artist’s charity of choice. The Guitarwrist has saved over 12,000 sets of strings from ending up in landfills.