Wax Tailor Releases Hip-Hop Single “No More Magical” ft. Mick Jenkins

Legendary trip-hop producer Wax Tailor has teamed up with Mick Jenkins on the new single, “No More Magical”, released today via Lab’oratoire. Just over one year after the release of his last album, The Shadow Of Their Suns, “No More Magical” reveals a new project from Wax Tailor to come in 2022. Code name: Fishing For Accidents with more info to come in the upcoming months. Featured US MC & lyricist Mick Jenkins has been making waves in the hip hop scene for the last 10 years with his latest album, Elephant In The Room gaining significant recognition around the world.

Languishing and unhurried Wax Tailor and Mick Jenkins present the spirit of disillusionment and the apathy that follows. Harsh and raw, the unflinching lyrics are contrasted against production with nostalgic fragrances of old school hip hop elements.

Wax Tailor tells us about the creation of the single: “I started this track with almost everything in mind music-wise, I had a bittersweet mood, then I added this chorus gimmick ‘Its No More Magical’. Afterwards, I suggested to Mick Jenkins that we collaborate. I wanted this counterweight with a lighter chorus and I knew his writing and deep flow would hit the spot.”