Clo Sur Debuts New Single “All My Fault”

Southern California musician/songwriter Clo Sur has released a new single titled “All My Fault,” featuring budding French producer and multi-instrumentalist Nezzy.

Clo Sur says, “Nezzy and I met on YouTube after he remixed a single of mine. We talked about collaborating after he sent me a track with no vocals to write over. I love the melodic emotion Nezzy clearly writes with. The guitar lines really inspired the lyrics. “All My Fault” is about taking ownership for the pain you’ve caused someone. It can be tempting to reach out and offer that apology, but there’s always the possibility that, even if those intentions are good, it may not be what’s for the best. Sometimes it’s better to leave things as they are. The great thing about songwriting is it allows me to express those things, to offer that apology, to take responsibility, and move on.”