yeule Releases New Album ‘Glitch Princess’

Singapore-born artist Nat Ćmiel, a.k.a yeule, releases their album Glitch Princess via Bayonet Records today. The 13-track project opens a channel to the in-between spaces: error messages and broken computer code, what it is to be conceptually manifested and the curation of the aesthete. Glitch Princess is the undiluted excerpt of a downpour of emotions following Ćmiel’s experiences with sobriety – a redirection of chaotic energy into verse and the opportunity to confront their own vices.

yeule shares about the album, “I was the Glitch Princess, in a time before. Not far from this dimension, but close enough to remember and piece together, like a thin fabric through the wind of Earth. This documentation of myself is but a fragment I have tried so very hard to alchemise into the sonic and visual. A journey that can be experienced, as a capsule of time I have captured in the eyes of a daydream deep-dived in emotive, confessional, and somewhat hopeful repertoires of my experiences in the cyborg form. With much love, I hold my pink 18650 close to my heart under the light from a dying sun.”