Forever May Fall Release “Aftermath”

Forever May Fall released new single and video for the track “Aftermath,” co-written with and produced by Kile Odell (Motionless in White, Nita Strauss, Fozzy, Cane Hill). The video was directed by Christian Lawrence and edited by Brandon Lane.

Vocalist Jillyan “Fox” Brennan explains, “Initially, ‘Aftermath’ wasn’t intended to be a song of strength or reprieve. In fact, I was probably at my lowest when I went to the studio to write it. The initial demo was about being locked inside my head and consistently leading myself to failure.”

Kile approached the message from a completely different direction, and with the help of Zach Williams (vocalist for Dead Eyes) the lyrics and song took shape into this anthem of power. This anthem of “No, I’m not doing this sad crap again, I’m going to make something out of this.” as evidenced by lyric “I’ll break myself, I’ll make myself the Aftermath.”

“‘Aftermath’ has become this anthem of rebirth, for all of us. The definition of ‘Aftermath’ always seemed so grim and dismal, but we’ve made it something to be proud of. You are the aftermath of every choice you make in life,” says Jillyan. “I struggled with drinking for a few years. I’d drown myself in it whether it was due to stress from my daytime job or bad relationships or whatever minor inconvenience I decided to blow up into a major meltdown. I had to entirely break the hell down to realize that I needed a change. I barely drink now, and the strength and positivity I feel from letting go of that crutch is incredible; I feel like a completely different person. I feel stronger, kinder, and more focused on being present in the moment”.