Pearly To Release ‘Silver Of The Mirror’ Friday

Pearly will be releasing their debut album, Silver of The Mirror on February 11th through Eto Ano Recordings. The nine-track album continues the impressive world-building and focused aesthetic that the Cleveland band has cultivated since its formation.

Silver Of The Mirror offers a menagerie of musical ideas. As fans of cinema, Pearly jumps around genre throughout SOTM in an irreverent, tongue-stabbing-through-cheek manner. There’s a trembling unease that lines the project, seen most clearly elsewhere in the works of David Lynch; this feeling a reflection of a pervasive American angst. SOTM simultaneously provides a totem towards America’s dark history and further exposes the cracks in the reverie of contemporary middle-class life. While listening to this album, we witness the creative writing duo of Austyn Benyak and Josie Yeager attempting to protect each other from this world by building their own. Here, they are the directors and main characters wherein they can examine their own relationship, play roles beyond themselves (‘Julianne Moore’) and ponder mundane aspects of life, like cleaning a messy room.