Pachyman Shares New Single “All Night Long”

Pachyman, the LA-based multi-instrumentalist Pachy García, shares his new single “All Night Long” today. The mesmerizing and traditionally inspired dub track features vocals from Brazilian singer Winter describing the tenderness and aching that the late night gives way to.

Speaking about the new single, Pachyman says, “Lately I have been inspired by a lot of lovers-rock tracks. There is some sort of modern feel to this subgenre of reggae, maybe because of its immediate influence from disco and soul that spoke to me in a different way than roots or rub a dub. The fusion of electric pianos or synthesizers on acoustic reggae always struck me as futuristic and something that needed further explorations and lovers-rock did it right. The combination of those worlds with a female vocal is magical. I wrote the whole tune inspired by the likes of Jennifer Lara & Sonia Ferguson. I called up my Brazilian friend and amazing vocalist and songwriter Winter to put her touch on the music. She gave her own twist to it, singing in both English and Portuguese in a dreamy manner that gave the song its own unique sound.”