Prolific NYC Restauranteur Stratis Morfogen Launches Cro’sumplings ™ At Acclaimed Brooklyn Dumpling Shop

NYC Restauranteur Stratis Morfogen is set to unveil something a little sweeter and savorier from the acclaimed Brooklyn Dumpling Shop- Cro’Sumplings ™. Morfogen has perfected the art of the dumpling and shared today with hosts Remy Ma and Fat Joe a combination of the dumpling and the Cro’sumpling™ – Peanut Butter and Jelly (dumpling), Spinach Egg and Cheese (Cro’Sumpling™), Cheetos Flamming Hot Mac and Cheese (dumpling) and the side of Kung Po Waffle Fries along with their flavored Lychee and Red Velvet Frose to feast on for Wendy’s food section.

Morfogen brings these new flavors to the masses to his tech-savvy St Mark’s Place restaurant, best known for his Automat contactless ordering system, a point of interest for a Pandemic friendly world. The fully automated restaurant conceptualized by Brooklyn Chop House Director of Operations Stratis Morfogen has brought the Automat of yesteryear into the present with advanced Autoflow technology made for today and Zero Human Interaction (ZHI) throughout the entire grab and go. In addition, Brooklyn Dumpling Shop’s state-of-the-art food locker technology from ONDO, powered by Panasonic, will provide guests with an easy, safe option to pick up orders from temperature-controlled lockers at peak freshness.

“The Automat was single-handedly the greatest fast food distribution equipment ever designed. The technology we’ve brought to Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is unlike anything that has been seen before. It has allowed us to create an Autoflow from a customers’ cell phone to our touchless ordering kiosks, right to our lockers to bring quick-serve restaurants into the 21st century,” said Brooklyn Dumpling Shop founder Stratis Morfogen. “The Pandemic delayed Brooklyn Dumpling Shop’s opening by a year, but this was a concept I came up with in 2018. This dream has become a reality and has kept us in great success throughout this Covid period.” This one-of-a-kind QSR has a Dumpling Lab in the front window with the restaurant’s dumpling-making machines for all to see. Guests can place an order on their phone or via one of the restaurant’s Touchless POS kiosks to order the new Cro’Sumplings ™. When a guest’s order is ready, the customer will receive a text notification to get their special delivery from a marked, temperature-controlled locker; it will open automatically once the customer scans their barcode. Lockers storing hot food will be red-lit, indicating it’s 100 degrees; chilled lockers will be blue-lit and 28 degrees. Auburn-lit lockers will disclose one’s at room temperature. This provides a Zero Human Interaction experience from start to finish. Recipes for these new flavors of Cro’Sumplings™ can be found in Morgofen’s book Damn Good Dumplings.

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop also offers a line of mail-order products to customers across the United States and will have their dumplings in Walmart nationwide beginning in early August.