Le Tunnel de l’Enfer Unveil New Official Music Video “Roy Nord is a turd”

A couple of weeks after officially released their debut EP A Tribute to Daylight, French Fast Punk 5-piece – formed by ex-members of Gummo, Stupid Karate, Penny At Work or Supermodel Stitches – Le Tunnel de l’Enfer just unveiled a brand new music video illustrating the song “Roy Nord is a turd”.

“Roy Nord is the character played by Viggo Mortensen in the film Daylight. He is an absolutely unbearable character whose death is the mirror of his stupidity barely veiled by an immense egocentrism,” says the band.

“The lyrics also refer to the movie Point Break, explaining that Roy Nord would like to ride the wave of success forever but he has none of the intelligence of Bodhi (Patrick Swayze).”