Karmacoda Releases House-Infused Remixes EP

Electronic trio Karmacoda released their Remixes EP featuring three unique house tracks on the 11th of February 2022 via Sola Musa Music. On the EP, listeners will find the previously unheard Sailor & I melodic deep house remix of the single, ‘Traps’ as well as remixes from renowned Japanese producer Lycoriscoris and German duo Extrawelt. Sailor & I’s remix of “Traps” calls to mind the likes of ARTBAT, Camelphat and Monolink while the rest of the EP infuses elements of Ben Böhmer and Kiasmos to create an unstoppable mix.

The Remixes EP takes the deeply emotional ballads found within Karmacoda’s work and transforms them into rhythmic hits and rolling basslines that blur the line between retro and contemporary. With each track taking a startlingly different turn, we’re exposed to all the nuances of house music while maintaining the core passion that came with the original songs. Containing all the makings to become an anthemic hit fit for the dancefloor, Sailor & I’s remix of Karmacoda’s “Traps” ventures across borders and finds its home inside your soul.

Speaking of the remix, Sailor & I says, “I felt like trying to take this track into a dark French underground disco thing, without being too dancey in a modern way.”