Tee Dee Dees Unveils “Lollipops”

Indie synth-pop musician Tee Dee Dees has released his latest single, “Lollipops” today. The single will appear on his upcoming album, 1^2=1 which is scheduled for release this year.

“Four years ago, after I wrote this song, I came to the studio and recorded one take of the vocals (while I was lying on the sofa), just so we’ll have a guiding voice for the production process. When the work was almost over and it was time for the real singing, we discovered (after about 100 takes) that I can’t recreate the feel of the first draft. We decided to use the draft, even though it was recorded as if we were amateurs. Since then, for me, this song is about special sweet moments that you can’t recreate on demand,” he says.