Earshot Releases Two New Singles

Earshot released two new singles “You + I” and “Tongue Tied (Unplugged)” today.

“You + I” was written by Wil Martin, Andy Stafford, Aaron Fink, John Novak and Michael Sylvia. The song was produced by Wil Martin & Aaron Fink, mixed and mastered by Allen Terry.

“Tongue Tied (Unplugged)” was written, produced and mixed by Wil Martin and mastered by Rob Brill. The song was previously released on their second album TWO.

“When I first heard the guitars in the verse for ‘You + I’, it instantly conjured up thoughts and feelings that reminded me of the emotional rush and mental obsession that typically happens between 2 people in the beginning of a new relationship, and I just went with it. It all came together very fast and organically,” says Wil Martin.

He continues, “‘Tongue Tied’ has always been a personal favorite of mine and for this release, I just felt like it was a fitting duality. Not only do I think that we pulled it off beautifully, but it doesn’t come across to me as a sad ‘woe is me’ song. Instead, I feel like it comes across as more matter of fact and emotionally resolved.”

Aaron Fink adds, “‘You + I’ was the first song we all started working on when I first joined the band and I knew right away we were on to something very special with this one. I heard the verse guitar parts in my head instantly and the bridge parts too. There was no hesitation, it just all came together really quickly and effortlessly. The song was recorded during Covid so we unfortunately tracked it remotely, however, it feels really good when I hear the final mix and it all gels. That’s a testament to our potential and to what may come. Everybody in the band played their ass off on ‘You & I’. Everyone shines and I love Wil’s lyrics for the song. Really well thought out and emotional.”

In regards to “Tongue Tied”, Fink says “Our acoustic version of ‘Tongue Tied’ turned out beautifully I think, a really interesting spin on an old song from the catalog. Andy and I played some nice juxtaposing rhythm parts that make for a nice blend when heard together. Wil had a great idea to not sing the last chorus at all and have some kind of lead on the guitar, really take it somewhere else. Love that arrangement and the lift that it creates.”