RōZY Release Their Single “Drunk On Love”

RōZY are back with their latest single/video to celebrate love, “Drunk On Love” and their youthful rock sound celebrates those memories. With a catchy sound and a bouncy beat “Drunk On Love” sends that fresh take on our days of crushing hard and having fun.

“This song definitely speaks to the pop-punk love-struck teens that we were at the time of writing this song. It’s a feel-good single that brings that warm feeling and youthful vibes, making you want to reminisce on the good old days of not having to worry about the troubles of the world. Just you, school, and that one girl or guy you had a huge crush on was all that mattered. Paramore, Fallout Boy, and Panic! at the Disco were huge influences on my writing process, so I think you can definitely find them in this song, and we look forward to finding out what memories our fans make with this song,” says Zoe Flores of RōZY.