A Will Away’s New Album ‘Stew’ Out Today

A Will Away are excited for the release of their new album Stew, out today via Rude Records. “There’s a warmth in the strums of its guitar that easily lodges itself into the heart and refuses to budge. And at its core, it’s incredibly lovely” writes Kerrang of the new album. Brooklyn Vegan have noted the album’s range across singles, praising the “slower, heavier, and more melodramatic” sound of songs like “Re-Up” and the “big, anthemic alt-rock” of tracks like “Karma” and “I’ve Got A Five”.  To celebrate the release the band are playing a Record Release Show tonight in Ridgefield, CT at Nod Hill Brewery.

Stew is a celebration of what we love about rock music, in all of its varied forms. It’s a record that marks the culmination of every ounce of time, blood, sweat, and tears that we’ve poured into this band over the years and it’s the purest and most honest expression of ourselves that we’ve ever been able to achieve. It’s been an incredibly long journey getting here, and we’re very excited and proud to finally be able to share it with all of you. We hope that it finds you well and takes you for a journey that’s all your own,” says the band.