TEMPOH Slow Reveal New Offering “Talk 2 Much”

Emerging LA based newcomers TEMPOH Slow continue to build their growing buzz with the reveal of stellar new offering, “Talk 2 Much” Comprising of Nicholas Suhr ( long time drummer of K-Flay) and Nick Spreigl (formerly with The Wind and the Wave and Cray), TEMPOH Slow became the anchor for their lives while Los Angeles and its music scene lay vacant due to Covid and the uncertainty of live music. Aggressively emotive, visceral and uncompromising, they revel in being musical shapeshifters averse to genres.

“‘Talk 2 Much’ is very much a love song. It’s about that moment when two people split and you can beg and beg, but that only makes it worse for both parties. Too many texts and calls make everything messy. I wrote this fresh out of a relationship with someone I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I’m fine now, but at the time I was crushed. The video definitely showcases a more playful side of the project. We think it is really cool existing in different spaces and our hope is that this shows we’re not always serious….or ever really are…lol. We shot this with Riley and Drew at Perpetual, those are our boys! It’s best working with other artists. They understood how we wanted to present the song, and made us feel comfy & cozy on camera.”