Urferd Releases New Single “Envig”

Nordic ambient folk solo project Urferd has released the new single from their upcoming debut album. The new track, “Envig”, is available now and accompanied by a lyric video.

“The first half of the ‘Resan’ takes the listener across barren plains and through dark woods, but the end of the journey is now approaching. The only thing now standing in the way of resolution is battle. ‘Envig’ (meaning ‘duel’) depicts a deadly duel – a feud between two factions culminating in a fierce clash. Two combatants, two wills, and two swords locked in battle until only one stands victorious. Join the gathering of onlookers as the beating drums of war forebodes the coming bloodshed. Hear the cries and cheers as the bonfire smoke fills the night air,” Urferd’s Daniel Beckman says about the single.