Bomber Reveals New Single “A Walk Of Titans (Hearts Will Break)”

With tours through Europe, an upcoming performance at Sweden Rock and a passionate following under their belts, hard rock upstarts Bobmer are sure to leave their mark on modern hard rock.

Today, the band reports back with the second single off their upcoming debut album, Nocturnal Creatures, to be released on March 25 via Napalm Records. “A Walk Of Titans (Hearts Will Break)” is a song about change – the end of relationships, the question of which bridges to burn and bridges yet to cross, as well as the sacrifices we make and the cost of moving forward. It lures with peaceful melodies and Anton Skölds’s powerful, standout voice, aiding to Bomber’s distinctive hard rock sound.

“Titans is by far the darkest song on the album. I wrote the bulk of the music in one session while going through break-ups in both my personal and professional life. It was very much a subconscious thing. Love (Andersson) came up with a bunch of lyrics which fit the mood perfectly. Add Rasmus Grahn’s ultra heavy drumming and the song was a wrap,” says lead singer Anton Sköld on the new single.