The End At The Beginning Release New Single

Italian metalcore act The End At The Beginning have released “Rebellion”, a new track taken from the new album Lightbringer, which will be released on April 8th in partnership with Superbia Music.

About the new single the band says: “’Rebellion’ is the second single from our new album Lightbringer. It is the third track and starts describing the army and Lucifer himself defeated, laying in the land of their punishment. He’s still shining with his former light, even after the downfall and, standing above his fallen fellows, he incites them to rise up. After his speech, the crowd hails its god-like king determined to follow him again and again. The song starts very aggressively with blastbeats that drive into heavier riffs in order to recreate the idea of a marching army. All of this comes to the main part of the song: the Lucifer’s speech. Here, the orchestral section becomes the protagonist, playing alone without any other instruments until the breakdown comes, where guitars and drums bring their power to enrich the sound. The song continues with a reprise of the marching section with tighter rhythms and a powerfull brass section till the end. This is their Rebellion”.