EverGlaze Share “Click Bang”

Everglaze releases their new single “Click Bang” today.

“In the music industry, in dealing with the arts in general, we’ve all encountered people that don’t believe in us. It could be your parents, a friend, or a teacher throwing shade on your dreams. In this particular case, the story of this song came about with an ex and an unexpected encounter.’Click Bang’ encapsulates a time when one of our band members had an unwanted run-in with an ex at one of our shows. The situation really aggravated him and he finally decided to write about it. But in a way that may be more relatable to others. The verses of the song narrate the point of view of the ex and their assumptions being made while trying to get your attention. The transition to the chorus, and the chorus itself, is pretty much the writers’ self-assured proclamation to their ex, ‘Click Bang You Wish Baby’,” says Brandon, the band’s drummer.