Woolfy Shares “When We Were Kings” + “Heroine”

Indie dance mainstay Woolfy surprises again with a veer into deeply affecting singer-songwriter territory for the single “When We Were Kings”.

Following December’s KCRW favorite “Shooting Stars”, Woolfy aka Simon James continues a series of exploratory EPs and singles with this instantly affecting pair of songs.

On the 2-tracker single When We Were Kings, the title cut draws inspiration from David Bowie as it pays tribute to that artist’s gender non-conformity in the 1970s-80s, an enduring inspiration for James since his teens. Recorded guitar in hand in a single take, with subtle accompaniment on a 1972 Fender Rhodes Suitcase by Al Sirpico, it’s one of those songs that delivers unrefined chills listen after listen.

“In the B-side’s “Heroine”, James sings about a dalliance with a bittersweet savior figure over a backing of folksy guitar and glistening toy piano, with bass and kick drum keeping a steady pulse.”

When We Were Kings is earmarked for a special limited 7-inch vinyl release in 2022.