Toronto Rapper Nue Drops Latest Single “Thrills & Chills”

Toronto rapper and singer Nue is a true creative – pushing boundaries, fitting square pegs in round holes. His music is vibey, edgy, with pop, electro and rock elements, and big on melody.  “I tend to make a lot of love songs, love lost, but even beyond that it’s personal relationships with friends and family. I don’t say any names; I’m not that blunt about it. The basis is emotion and experiences. Most of my music is just raw expression about how I feel,” says Neu.

Nue’s latest track, “Thrills & Chills” is inspired by System of a Down’s “Lonely Day” – a song about the worst day ever and a mundane reality. Feeling inspired by the music more than the subject matter, he channeled that energy into an embodiment of the dramatic highs and lows of someone on drugs through tone, production and the subject matter.