John Mark Nelson Shares New Single “Better Slow”

John Mark Nelson shares “Better Slow” the new single from the forthcoming Hideaway EP, due out April 8th via Nightshop Music. The new song features the artist Bayonne on piano.

Nelson faced a crisis of confidence after going from being anointed a “wunderkind” by NPR in his teens to dropped by his booking agency in a dizzyingly short timespan. But now a few years down the road, and fresh off taking an opportunity to work with Dan Wilson in Los Angeles, Nelson finds himself creatively reinvigorated. He attributes much of his growth in both songwriting and production to his experience at Wilson’s studio working with new artists every day, including the likes of Mitski, Leon Bridges, and Taylor Swift, for whom Nelson served as an engineer on tracks for the re-recorded Red LP.

“I wrote ‘Better Slow’ during a period of discouragement when I felt stalled out in my career,” explains Nelson. “The refrain of the song is almost like a pep talk written by me, addressed to me. It comes from this feeling like you are on the right path, but feel so much uncertainty in the wobbly, 1 step forward 2 steps back reality of trying to survive as an artist. This song feels resonant to me even 6 years after writing it. The path is slow and winding. People talk a lot about great talents getting ‘discovered’ but sometimes I wonder if patience and resilience is as important if not more important to a life in music.”