Anna Shoemaker’s Debut Album ‘Everything Is Fine (I’m Only On Fire)’ Out Now

Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter Anna Shoemaker’s highly-anticipated debut album, Everything is Fine (I’m Only on Fire), is out today on +1 Records. In conjunction, she is also revealing the official music video for the album’s focus track, “Until I Die”.

Everything is Fine (I’m Only on Fire) captures the complexities of young adulthood. It’s an exhilarating display of innovative sounds, killer pop hooks and razor-sharp lyricism. Throughout, Anna wades through the emotional territory of growing up, reflecting on love, loss, toxicity, heartbreak and mental health. Ultimately, the album is a portrait of Anna coming into her over the past few years, as both a musician and as a young woman.

Anna elaborates on the album process: “Everything Is Fine (I’m Only on Fire) is made up of bits and pieces of my diary over the past two weird years. It’s about a fascination with self destruction but also redemption. It’s about forgiving yourself when you have every reason to hate yourself. It’s about falling in love when you have every reason not to trust. This album is a destruction fantasy. It’s about burning down expectations until the only thing left is you.”