Cashma Drops New Album ‘Purple Apartment’

R&B artist Cashma has just dropped her new album, Purple Apartment. Centered around love, the release features silky, soulful vocals, shimmering synths and vibey, hypnotic melodies.

Her new album Purple Apartment is the result of having her own place to live authentically and to focus and craft her music. Cashma confides, “I’m very introverted so having my own space has always been really important to me. My home is my world. It’s where I party, relax, feel safe, laugh, cry, cook, enjoy my friends, do business and overall where I’ve built my brand. I wanted this project to feel the way I do when I’m in my space, a getaway from the noises of the world. A little piece of heaven.”

Working alongside producer Mike Kalombo Purple Apartment is coated with a nostalgic 80’s flair. Silky, soulful vocals, shimmering synths and vibey, hypnotic melodies provide the foundations for the album, with Cashma showcasing her velvet vocal tone and ability to pen indulgent R&B anthems.

Purple Apartment is the third installment of her purple trilogy which includes 2020’s Purple Mosquito and 2021’s Purple Lights. Wrapping up the trio of albums, the final release sees the artist challenging herself to be raw and vulnerable with her feelings. The intimate 12-track release is centered around love. Love of self. Love of the moment. Love of a person that you’re getting comfortable with and just want to spend all your time with. The songstress reveals, “I like writing what my soul tells me. It’s therapy. I let my spirit guide me on feeling. That’s what matters to me.”