David Heatley Shares New Video For “Meme”

“Meme” is the new animated video from Life Our Own Way, the debut full-length solo debut from David Heatley, better known to the public at large for his work as a cartoonist and animation director.

Life Our Own Way contains fifteen songs, each telling a unique story in a unique musical style. Each started as a melody or lyric fragment hazily remembered from songs that were playing in Heatley’s dreams. During the initial lockdown of 2020, David felt a torrent of pent-up creative energy and wound up finishing a dozen of these dream songs, creating multi-screen video demos that he would post to his friends on Instagram and Facebook. When he sent these to Mark Bingham in 2021, along with a fan letter about the work Mark had done with legendary oddball musician Peter Stampfel, a correspondence began. Before long, Bingham invited him down to Louisiana to work together in his studio. Mark did some musical arrangement and assembled a fitting group of players, tailored to each particular track. Over the course of two weeks, the album was recorded and a couple months later, it was mastered and ready for release.

David Heatley is a musician, cartoonist and animation director living in Queens, NY. He has been writing songs since age 16 when his high school band, Velvet Cactus Society, recorded two albums with legendary Shimmy Disc label founder and producer Kramer. In the mid-2010s, Heatley performed and recorded with the band The Bischoffs, which The New Yorker described as “pop-tinged psych rock with an acoustic-guitar foundation and featuring a percussionist who uses an antique school desk in lieu of drums.” In 2016, Heatley released a series of EPs under his own name titled Angel Numbers: 111, 222, and 333 produced by NYC rock mainstay Pete Galub.