David Jamison Set To Release ‘Late Bloomer’

Bassist, composer and producer, David Jamison, is set to release his sophomore LP, Late Bloomer on May 6, 2022. Comprised of nine original songs, Jamison’s compositions are rooted in jazz, funk, soul, hip-hop and R&B. Much of the music was recorded live at MYNK Studios and mastered at Rittenhouse Soundworks. Highlights include the funky dance grooves of “Ain’t It Good to Ya,” the classic hip hop feel of “Rap Snacks” and the bluesy, “She Don’t Love Me.” The latter offers a scorching lyrical indictment of the toxic relationship between America and the Black people who call her home. Late Bloomer closes with “Tuesdays at TIME” a rousing fifteen-minute jam and an ode to the Center City staple where Jamison began to hone his craft.

Joining the bassist on the album are members of The Smooth Show – saxophonist Stephen Mitnaul, keyboardist David Criswell, and drummer Clayton Carothers – who lend their unique sonic sensibility to Jamison’s songs. Guitarist Nick DiGiacomo (The Moon Jocks) rounds out the quintet. Vocalist Elle Gyandoh brings her velvety, 70s vibe to “Ain’t It Good To Ya,” MCs RC and Asha-Lé Davis trade verses on “Rap Snacks,” and “She Don’t Love Me” highlights Dain Saint’s buttery, soulful vocals.

“Even though these songs span multiple genres, I think they all fit nicely together because they’re all in the same musical family,” says Jamison. “You start with jazz: one of original American art forms, developed by Black Americans – jazz begets blues, from there you eventually get funk and soul, which beget rap and R&B. In a way, this album is a product of the Black American musical timeline.”

“It was important to me to record these songs as a full band together in the studio at one time,” says Jamison. “There’s a different energy when everyone is in the same room playing at the same time, vibing off each other. When we got in the studio and hit record, it was the second time that the five of us had all played together (the first time was the rehearsal). But you wouldn’t know it by how it turned out! Everyone was locked in and the proof is in the music. We recorded all the instrumentals in two sessions over two consecutive days in September 2021. And with the exception of “Ain’t It Good To Ya” and “Rap Snacks,” all the songs were recorded from start to finish as single takes (with minimal overdubs). It really gives the project a live, raw feel, like the listener is sitting in the studio or on stage with us.”