Matt Taylor Shares New Single

Today, rising artist and producer Matt Taylor returns with powerful stripped back offering ‘no matter what i say’.

The reflective offering is an exquisite spin on embracing vulnerability, one that showcases a different side to the Brighton-based polymath. Sharing a little more about the process,

“I was getting frustrated with myself, I would replay situations over in my head trying to think what would have changed if I had acted differently in situations. I just wanted a song that I didn’t have to worry about sounding “cool” or “empowering, I wanted a moment where I could allow myself to be a bit pathetic,” explains Taylor.

“I find sad songs like this quite difficult to write, because it obviously means a lot to me, but I get worried others will get bored of listening to something that sounds quite depressing. That’s where the production helps a lot. The key contributor to that was the London Tube, I recorded the tube on the Piccadilly & Circle line to make the weird washing noises, which were just impossible to EQ properly, so I almost had to then build the track around them once they came in rather than the other way around”.