Brett Newski’s Shares New Single “Seek Asylum from Myself” 

Milwaukee-based alternative songwriter/illustrator/podcaster Brett Newski shares the official video for his single “Seek Asylum from Myself”.  The video was filmed in Mexico City and directed by Max Hauser of Liminal Vision Films.

“It’s ok to be sad. Feeling guilty about being sad is a big problem in today’s online “comparison culture.” The fact of the matter is that it’s totally normal to be sad sometimes. It’s part of being a person. Just like your heart attacks you, your brain can attack you too,” says Brett.

“’Seek Asylum from Myself’ is a real time inner monologue of someone ‘catastrophizing’ in their own head…doubling down on negative thoughts and playing out the worst case scenarios to the point of total irrationality and almost-comedy,” he adds.

“After a hospitalization from severe food poisoning, the crew rallied to finish the video ‘seek asylum from myself’ in Mexico City.”

The new single follows Brett Newski’s first ever book and it’s accompanying soundtrack, It’s Hard To Be A Person: defeating anxiety, surviving the world, and having more fun is out now.