Eden Rain Reveals New Single “Text Me When You’re Home Safe”

Eden Rain continues to cement herself as one to watch with the reveal of emotive new offering, “Text Me When You’re Home Safe”. Showcasing Eden’s blend of intricate songwriting, gorgeous vocals and unique delivery, the track touches upon topics that have become sadly appropriate in recent times.

“I wrote ‘Text Me When You’re Home Safe’, in the summer of 2020. Sometimes songs you write become less and less relevant as your life moves on and your world changes but this song only ever became more relevant to me. I originally wrote it about my friend, never knowing where home was as she always moved a lot as a child and as she was always bouncing from place to place. I combined with the phrase that we have been saying to eachother and all our other friends since we were 15- ‘text me when your home safe’. Unfortunately, most women and girls know the importance of a ‘home safe’ text, and although this song started as a song for my best friends, after recent cases in the news and moving out of my family home and to london on my own, it sadly felt more relevant and important to release it than ever. There’s a lot of other feelings tied up in the song for me, so it’s hard to pinpoint an exact meaning, but I wouldn’t want to either- I hope whoever listens to it draws their own associations and it reminds them of their own people that they love,” she says.

“It’s such a special song to me- we even celebrated it by getting my friend to get the tattoo of a house that is written about in the song. The song really is about sisterhood and keeping each other safe and that if you can’t figure out where physically feels like home, sometimes you find people that do”.