Renata Zeiguer Shares “Picnic in the Dark”

Brooklyn-based Filipino/Argentinian artist Renata Zeiguer today shared a new single and OTIUM-directed music video for “Picnic in the Dark”, the title track from her forthcoming second album releasing April 8th, 2022 via Northern Spy Records.

Set in the nighttime of a dream desert landscape, the music video for “Picnic In The Dark” features Zeiguer singing from the remnants of a dilapidated house and an abandoned home. Visited by a UFO, she is guided through what are depicted as her personal psychological triggers with a mystical sense of security and affirmation.

On the song and album Renata explains: “‘Picnic in the Dark’ is about the process of navigating my shadows, learning to take up space, challenging fate, and finding the light within. To me the metaphor of the picnic blanket is like using a magic carpet to navigate both vast unknown territory and subconsciousness – letting things unfold with awareness while existing in an in-between state of familiarity and uncertainty, like the stillness within the eye of a storm.”