Strange Parade Release New Single “The Watcher”

Los Angeles-based Strange Parade pleased to share “The Watchers” the title track from their album out May 6.

“The Watchers” is an acoustic guitar-driven rocker that builds off an early country-blues-style riff as shimmering guitars and lap steel ride hovercraft over a driving, rhythmic hook, culminating in an insane 3-minute multi-layered piano, synth, lap steel frenzy at the end.

On the song Strange Parade’s Brian Cleary adds, “We are releasing two singles from The Watchers LP, starting with the title track. The song is basically about seeing yourself from the outside. Extroversion growing into introversion. Not taking things too seriously for your mental survival. That sort of thing.”

To celebrate the release, Strange Parade has announced a Los Angeles record release show coming up on May 7 at The Silverlake Lounge. The show will include support from Purple Witch of Culver and Happy Hollows.