Åskväder Release New Studio Album ‘Fenix’

Åskväder have released their sophomore studio album, Fenix. Following the release of the Swedes self-titled debut from 2020, Åskväder returns with a collection of 12 new tracks. Recorded live in studio, Fenix captures the essence of the band’s energetic and direct sound. Combining bluesy guitar licks with groovy rhythms, thundering bass lines, and catchy, melodic hooks, Åskväder’s new album brings straight forward, 90’s inspired Scandinavian garage rock to the modern-day and age.

“The name of the album came because we as a band in many ways hit a big bump in the road after the first album was released. Fenix is the sequel and is a symbol for rebirth. Covid struck and, unfortunately, we had some changes in our line up which put the band in a tough spot. However, with new members and the absence of Covid, we have preserved our sound and thoughts about music in general and the music itself has evolved with the contribution of the new members. The songs are recorded live this time, something that really puts a nice vibe to them, in the enriched Welfare Sounds which also has helped us reach our musical vision,” says Martin Gut from the band about the new album.