Child Seat Release New Single “Fever Dream”

Los Angeles-based band Child Seat are pleased to share their debut single and video “Fever Dream”. The track is the first song to be lifted from their album due this fall.

“Building off the description of a fever dream is, the song touches on being stuck in “the in between” phase in life and love. A lot of inspiration was pulled from the sudden change of the pandemic and its effect on both life/love. In life, we were forced to stay put and rearrange our hopes/dreams/aspirations. In love, our relationships changed – we had to adapt to this new way of living, and living with our partner,” says the band.

“Reflecting on how things used to be, but now you’re caught in a “fever dream” of this weird phase of life and that feeling that grass was always greener/nostalgia for better times.
Of course, this can happen without the Pandmeic, but a lot of the album is a reflection on how much this era has changed us as humans.”