Lovechild Share “Desperation Blues” / “Trouble Down The Line” Double Singles

Fresh off the January 2022 release of its debut album All You Need is Lovechild, the NYC indie-rock outfit is back with more. As any great rock band should, Lovechild loves to stir the pot and keep its listeners honest and wondering what’s next. And with the double-single release of “Desperation Blues / Trouble Down the Line” coming directly on the heels of the band’s debut album, Lovechild has quickly moved into a new sonic space, one that separates itself very explicitly from the music that has come before, yet still manages to reside within the same world.

The first release ever to be recorded entirely by frontman Leo Lovechild in his bedroom in his Brooklyn apartment, the delicate acoustic picking and multi-tracked vocal stylings are a distinct shift away from the high octane rock and roll that the band has become known for. Both at its live shows and on the first album, Lovechild is in full force, with Leo’s unique and powerful vocals getting big support from guitarist Aaron Mones and his twin brother, multi-instrument and producer Wyatt Mones, plus a backing band that currently includes bassist Ariel Acevedo, keyboardist Tyler Rigdon, and drummer Max Yassky. So naturally, “Desperation Blues / Trouble Down the Line” showcases a much softer sound. Whereas the band has previously been described as somewhere between “Bob Dylan on crack” and “The Rolling Stones but harder and more druggy,” this new two-song offering is more like “Simon and Garfunkel but potentially sadder and less cheeky.”

As Leo puts it, “I felt that it was important to present a different side of myself as a songwriter. Lovechild has been a big, complicated band with a big, complicated sound for a while now, and I love that sound and this band more than anything, but the long history of songwriters with a guitar, not needing much else musically to prop themselves up, is also a big part of who I am and what Lovechild is. I think as songwriters, some of us at least, we spend our lives day in and day out questioning this thing we’re doing, slaving away at, this thing that ultimately starts with a piece of paper and a pen and a guitar and not really much else. And it’s really hard sometimes but reaaaaally important to at least try to show that thing to the world.”