Frances Baker Shares New Single “Hair Turns Grey”

Today Nashville newcomer Frances Baker dazzles on her latest cut “Hair Turns Grey”, and her uniquely charming five-track EP Frances Baker via Beatnik Records.

Speaking about “Hair Turns Grey”, Frances explained; “Hair turns grey is a love song about enjoying spending time with someone, so much you want to hang out with them till your “hair turns grey”. The production around it emulates the sound of pulling up to someone’s house to take them out, and then being filled with love when you see them.”

On the EP also released today, Frances added “This EP was so fun to make. I learned so much and had the loveliest team working with me. All the musicians (Courtney, Kyle, Josh, and Ciaran) were so kind and encouraging; they all lived where we recorded, in the downstairs, by the kitchen,”

“This is the first project I have released under my name. I have never been so involved in the recording/ arranging process before, and have not gotten to make something that reflected my interests, inspirations and passions so loudly until now. I really love these songs, and am so excited to share them.”