Heather Sommer Shares New Single “On Demand”

With her music, Heather Sommer gains strength and confidence from experiences with past friendships, creating boundaries for herself while navigating societal expectations and cultural borders of the Millennial and Gen Z generations. Today, she shares her new single “On Demand” via Repost, SoundCloud’s artist services division. “On Demand” was written as a way for her to express her frustration at being overlooked and underestimated by people she once considered close friends. “In addition to me, it happens way too often to so many people I know and love as well, especially working in the music industry,” notes Sommer. “I want this song to act as a confident call out to everyone who’s ever felt ghosted, especially when that person tries to come back into their lives when something exciting or relevant happens…If you can’t be there for me when the chips are down, I don’t need you there when I’m thriving.”