Mudblood’s The New Album ‘Exist Or Fade?’ Out Now

Italian alternative groove metal act Mudblood is glad to announce the release of their debut album Exist Or Fade? available now in all digital platform. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Audiocore Studio. About this important step the band says: “How many aspects of our world do we choose not to see or do we not realize how dangerous they can be? Are we really sensitive to those around us and to our planet? Are we sure we are as “evolved” as we think? And finally: do we really deserve to be part of this world? These are some of the questions that the album Exist or Fade? asks to the listener, urging him to question his own principles and beliefs, clashing face to face with the harsh truth. Each track of the album represents one of the many “wounds of humanity” that make up today’s reality. Only at the end we can foresee a flash of light that illuminates a new path, which can only be traveled by those who will have the will to pursue it”.