Pershagen Shares “Långt borta nära”

Pershagen shares the third and final single from their upcoming album Hilma.  ”Långt borta nära” is an atmospheric instrumental track with gentle, nordic folk- inspired melodies. The colorful sound of pedal steel adds to a sweeping soundscape, whe-re dynamic psychedelic rock meets traditional musical styles.

”’Långt borta nära’ has been part of Pershagen’s live set since 2018. The song was writ-ten by the groups’ guitarist Jimmie during a period when he studied the musical langua-ge in Swedish folk music, especially polskor (a type of style in Swedish folk music),” says the band about the single.

“That fact that folk music has been a source of inspiration to ’Långt borta nära’ may seem foreign to some ears, but it is clearly there. But since the first version of the song it has changed shape and been filtered through more sources of inspiration. The result is a me-lodic piece that is more straightforward than originally expected.”