Lenne Releases New EP ‘A Sympathetic Antipathy’ via Imagen Records on Friday

Lenne will release their debut EP A Sympathetic Antipathy via Imagen Records on April 8, 2022.

A Sympathetic Antipathy is the culmination of a few years of musical collaboration. The project was produced & co-written by Morgan Rose along with Leonard Cerzosie Jr., Corey Lowery, and Jim Taylor. In its various stages of recording, engineering talents include Jose Urquiza, James “Fluff” Harley, and Mike Ferretti. The initial inspiration for the EP was the passing of Lenny’s mother after years of battling ALS. Tracks like “Miracle” were written about that struggle. Rose & Cerzosie have a history of writing & recording together and included a remastered version of a song they wrote with The Infinite Staircase in 2013 called “No Amends”. Other musicians featured on the EP include Chris Caffrey of Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Justin Taylor of Alborn.

Lenne has plans to play in support of their new EP throughout 2022. The current band line up consists of heavy hitting, Maryland musicians Mike Slaski, Rob Landon, and Stephen Hybdzinski; alongside Evan Crider ,Taylor from PA and Cerzosie from NY.

“This was originally supposed to just be a session in Atlanta with Morgan & Corey. The plan was to do a song in honor of my mom. We ended up having such cool, sometimes borderline morbid chemistry. Funny fact? The original song that started this whole thing didn’t even make the EP. We went along this darker, heavier path while still maintaining all the melodies we initially created” says Leonard Cerzosie Jr.