Melody’s Echo Chamber Releases New Single “Alma”

Today Melody’s Echo Chamber releases “Alma”, the last single to be taken from her forthcoming third studio album, Emotional Eternal – out April 29th via Domino.

A year after giving birth to her daughter, Melody was separated from her for a night and felt the urge to fill the void with something else: music. The result was “Alma”: a beautiful paean to motherhood concluding with resounding violins and ebow that together evoke the spirit of the eternal and the circularity of life.

“To me this song is a butterfly,” Melody commented. “It feels more like a little poem to life than a song; it was the first song to arise from the echoes of silence since Bon Voyage. I think I recorded the emotion of that kind of spiritual experience of the essential yet heart-breaking separation from the pure love bubble to the world of others.”

She continued: “We recorded ‘Alma’ in Swahn’s studio in Stockholm again; I remember we gave special attention to the groove, to give it a swing and emphasis on the light side, with a minor sound of danger in the veil of the mist somewhere. Johan Holmegaard played drums, Gustav Estjes played the piano and little velvet flute; Josephin Runsteen created transcending strings and noises directed by Reine and Swahn.”