Reyes|Stokowy Share “II”

Reyes|Stokowy—the Chicago based duo of musicians Jordan Reyes and Robert Stokowy—today shared “II” from their forthcoming debut album as a duo, Northern: Ashroud Is My Country, releasing May 6th, 2022 via American Dreams Records. The oscillating and mysterious “II” brings together the two musicians’ wildly different praxis in surprising ways and a powerful introduction to their album, which feels existential and transcendental, all at once. “To me, ‘II’ is where the story of Northern begins – ‘I’ is more the overture. I have always felt strangely about my singing voice – somehow singing is more risky than talking. I asked Robert if we could take it out, wanting the guitar to bring all the melodic character – he wouldn’t budge, and rightfully so,” says Reyes. “Now I see that voice representing the feeling of being human in the midst of a swirling, cold vortex, peeking out like a lantern in the night. When the guitar and bass come in, they construe movement in a new way, one that perhaps was more in my comfort zone than the sung vocals, but the two methods balance each other.”