Mass Sky Raid Announce Sophomore Album ‘Calm In Chaos’

Gold Coast alt-rock sensations Mass Sky Raid just announced their sophomore album Calm In Chaos due for release on Friday, June 3rd. Accompanying this exciting announcement, the group also unveiled their new single “Undertow” that showcases the remarkable diversity that is characteristic of its composers, and delivers in earnest the vital message that lies at the heart of this monumental musical work.

“Lyrically ‘Undertow’ explores the struggle we face trying to find ourselves in a world filled with uncertainty and in crisis. The undertow represents the daily battle we encounter as we fight to not get pulled into the darkness and despair. Undertow also explores the human spirit which searches for answers in these times of darkness. Although musically Undertow is grounded in our anthemic sound it also shows a slight electric industrial progression which I really love,” says vocalist Adam Lomas.