Holly Montgomery Releases “Looking For Lancelot”

Americana artist Holly Montgomery announced the release of a new single today titled “Looking For Lancelot.” The track debuts in advance of her 2022 LP, Sorry For Nothing, which listeners can expect in May. “Looking For Lancelot” is a lyrical acoustic ballad with a blues-rock grit. The track features Montgomery’s long-time collaborator, guitarist Buddy Speir. It is the artist’s second single released by KZZ Music, following her signing this February.

The single’s semi-autobiographical lyrics tap into universal themes related to father-daughter relationships. “I’ve always thought that father-daughter and mother-son relationships are incredibly poignant,” Montgomery shares. “My parents were divorced by the time I was born, and my father passed when I was just seven. The absence of that relationship changed how I moved through the world.” But according to Montgomery, this song isn’t just for daughters — it’s a song for restless souls. “Different people are restless for different reasons. Personally, I’ve never felt really rooted. That’s why I love being on the road. In ‘Looking For Lancelot,’ I’m trying to get to the heart of what makes some restless souls tick.”