Homeschool Shares “The Strangest Thing”

Today, Homeschool (the solo project of musician Tom D’Agustino, formerly of Active Bird Community) shares a brand new single entitled “The Strangest Thing”, alongside an accompanying music video. The track comes off his next EP, Homeschool: Book II.

“‘The Strangest Thing’ is a song that has taken many shapes over the years. The first version of it was written around my senior year of high school and served as a sort of reflection on the time I had spent growing up in a small town, my relationships, my regrets. But as I’ve grown the song has followed me around and this version strikes me as more uplifting, looking at the past not as something you wish you could change, but something you are willing and able to speak about, to let out and engage with. Maybe you can’t let it all go entirely but it certainly doesn’t have to rule your life.”