GreyLotus Premiere Music Video for “Azure Rain”

Baltimore progressive tech-death metal quintet GreyLotus have unveiled the first single from their new album. The band premiere the music video for “Azure Rain” today.

Dawnfall serves as a follow-up statement to the Savior EP, which dealt with thrusting inner demons borne of trauma and mental health struggles out into the open, and accepting the reality of existing with them,” says the and about the new album.

“In the metaphor of the lotus’ life-cycle, Savior represented the stage in which the seed is buried under the mud – shelled in, unaware, and unable to budge from what it has known. Dawnfall embodies the process of breaking out of the shell and traveling toward the sun’s light, reaching through murky waters and currents, struggling to separate True North from tricks of the refracted light,” adds the band.

Dawnfall explores the self-doubt that accompanies the realization that healing is a non-linear process. It wanders through the pits of self-judgment and confronts what follows when an individual accepts that the best version of themselves is not constrained by perfection.”