Peace of Stage Announces “Stardust for Peace” Campaign

Peace of Stage has announced a special Stardust for Peace fundraising campaign to benefit World Central Kitchen and Chefs for Ukraine. Through the campaign, Peace of Stage, which owns the original stage of the iconic Woodstock festival, will sell Stardust for Peace collectibles – small glass bottles filled with sawdust and wood shavings from the Woodstock stage – and will donate a portion of the proceeds to World Central Kitchen and Chefs for Ukraine.

“The tragedy in Ukraine is enormous and unfathomable,” says Steve Gold, who co-founded Peace of Stage LLC in 2019. “The people of Ukraine need our help, and I’m grateful and honored to be able to do my part in any way possible. José Andrés, who founded World Central Kitchen, is a world-renowned chef and humanitarian who goes everywhere he can to feed people experiencing tragedy and disaster. He’s in Ukraine right now with his team feeding people. They wasted no time in getting there.”

Gold was a 15-year-old music fan when he attended Woodstock in 1969, and he remembers the spirit of peace, love, and compassion that was in the air. “The event was all about a shared humanity, and it’s something we need more than ever now,” he says. “What’s happening in Ukraine now is unlike anything we’ve seen in generations, and it’s up to all of us to help the people of that country.”

Visitors to the Peace of Stage website can purchase Stardust for Peace collectibles for $24.99. For each purchase, Peace of Stage will donate $15 to World Central Kitchen and Chefs for Ukraine. “Anybody who buys a Stardust for Peace will know that their money is going to an extremely urgent and important mission to feed people whose country is being torn apart. And they’ll have a beautiful reminder every time they look at that part of the Woodstock stage, the idea that peace, love, and compassion can win the day if we all pull together.”

Since its inception, Peace of Stage has made it their mission to continue the spirit of the original Woodstock festival by partnering with non-profits including Orange Ribbons for Jaime, WhyHunger, Feed the Children, the JED Foundation, and Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.

“I encourage anybody who wants to help the people of Ukraine to purchase a Stardust for Peace,” says Gold. “This is a humanitarian crisis like no other in the world today. And people should also visit the World Central Kitchen website to see what else they can do. José Andrés and his team are doing incredible work, and they need our support.”