Sophia Marie releases New Single “What a Waste”

Sophia Marie’s new London-inspired single “What a Waste” follows an American traveling all the way to London in the summer of 2021, to retrace the journey of her past love story with a man the year before, only to end up walking aimlessly down streets, utterly heartbroken. It takes the listener through iconic London landmarks like Chelsea, Battersea, Hyde Park, and the Globe Theatre as the foreigner realizes just how much of a « waste » this whole trip was.

“Lyrically, this track means the most to me. It was written about my first real experience with heartbreak, the product of many crying sessions and attempts at closure that didn’t work out. But this song came out of all that. I hope to transport you to a London as nostalgic as the one I know,” says Sophie.

“What A Waste” was recorded with producer Cian Sweeney in Ireland during Sophia’s study abroad at Trinity College Dublin last fall.