Paula Moore Releases New ‘Modern-Day Self-Help’ Book ‘Glitter & Grit: Be Greater As A Creative’

Veteran music industry insider, groundbreaking A&R research executive, startup founder, and investor, Paula Moore is the author of the new book Glitter & Grit: Be Greater As A Creative.

A gritty, raw story of a creative person who won’t give up or give in to the constant challenges, setbacks, and betrayals that come with trying to build a career out of her creativity, Glitter & Grit is the terrifying yet thrilling ride of her career path, successes and failures, stories, and advice to help you reach your true potential.

With over two decades of experience, Paula Moore first set out to innovate the music industry. Her story inspires creatives everywhere while showing them what it takes to be a creative success at any career stage. It’s more than a book of advice and quotes – it’s the untold stories, the real-life events no one wants to share, about the costs of trying to make it as both a creative person and an executive in a cutthroat industry.

“Trust your instincts and follow your gut. Play to your strengths, learn from your mistakes and know when to break a few of the traditional rules.”

This fiercely honest and witty account gives candid advice on how to treat your career like a creative house and build it from the ground up. It might look great decked out in glitter, but it needs grit to be greater.

Moore says, “I wrote this book because I wanted to inspire creatives everywhere while showing them what it takes to be a success at any career stage. Because I had a unique niche role in the music industry, I knew that I had a perspective to share that nobody else would have. It was also important for me to document this very special 20+ year career of mine, specifically to share my experience with young women just starting out. This book gives the reader everything that I wished I had known when I was first beginning in my career and all along the way. Now I am sharing my own philosophy of how to build and maintain your creative house, in this modern take on a self-help book.”